More than just a fashion accessory, wearbelty.comGood Vibes is the very first smart belt integrating Artificial Intelligence that contextualizes the activities of your everyday life.

Beyond data

Rather than providing only raw data, wearbelty.comoffers feedback about the rhythm of your life. It goes beyond statistics and helps you to be more aware of the quality of your everyday experience.

Trust your gut

The abdomen, or belly, is considered the second brain of your body: the home of your gut instinct. wearbelty.comGood Vibes empowers you to know yourself better, by reinforcing your ability to connect to your visceral knowledge. Communicating via vibrations with your sense of touch, it plugs you into the present moment.

Good vibrations, great energy

wearbelty.comis much more than a smart belt; as wearable, interactive technology, it is your personal coach. We all want to live the best version of our lives. Why not start now?

Made in France

From the start we have had a strong commitment to offer a product made entirely in France. We know this dedication ensures a high quality product and makes wearbelty.coma unique tech accessory.

We are proud to partner with L'Aiglon to combine both premium quality leather with cutting edge technology in Belty.

Founded in 1889 this French house has been specializing in high-quality leather belt manufacturing for over 125 years. L'Aiglon leaves no detail left unattended from start to finish. Its had-stiched belts contain only exceptional, durable canvas thread coated with colorless wax, which allows the threads to slide smoothly and strongly through the leather.

L'Aiglon is also well-known for their "Zero edge" cut technology that is still unsurpassed in the market today.