Buckle up and join the adventure

Belty is a high-end, lifestyle and wellness belt.

Belty is the only intuitive and antonomous wearable that integrates artificial intelligence to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Belty keeps you on track and sends good vibes your way!

Belty Good Vibes is for the everyday go-getter who wants to increase their energy levels and improve their wellness.
With customizable straps you will never have to worry about your belt going out of style.

Belty helps you enjoy simple moments throughtout the day by encouraging you to do the little things that changes everything. It sends good vibes your way!

When walking
Belty can increase your walking pace through rythm
When climbing stairs
Belty can challenge you to climb more dynamically
When static
Belty will invite you to drink more water, stand up straight and explore new habits

Belty can actually “talk” to you

Belty Good Vibes can communicate through vibrations that help you and your body take immediate actions in real-time.
Talk to Belty by simply tapping on the buckle. The smart belt will also learn from you.

Need to recharge?

Change your life simply by breathing!

Belty Good Vibes recommends breathing exercises to decrease stress levels.

Belty Good Vibes manages energy by suggesting power naps when they are needed the most. The smart belt adapts to the rythtm of life!

Made in France with a High-end leather manufacturer

From the start, we made a strong commitment to offer a product made entirely in France. We know this dedication ensures a high quality product and makes Belty a unique accessory.
We are proud to partner with L'Aiglon to combine both premium quality leather with cutting edge technology in Belty. L'Aiglon is also well-known for their "Zero edge" cut technology that is still unsurpassed in the market today.