About us

Carine Coulm

Carine Coulm

CEO, Business developer and in charge of the Products roadmap.

Carine is a bio-engineer and has been working in IT since 2001, first as a developer, then as a consultant, and finally as a sales manager. She wrote her professional thesis on theories of motivation and is passionate about nutrition, well-being and behavior design.

Bertrand Duplat

Bertrand Duplat

CTO, Project leader and in charge of the Technology roadmap.

Bertrand is engineer from ENSTA, co-founder of Les Editions Volumiques, co-Founder and CTO of Virtools (sold to Dassault Systèmes), and co-founder of Absolut Design (sold to BETC from EuroRSCG group).

Made in France

From the start we have had a strong commitment to offer a product made entirely in France. We know this dedication ensures a high quality product and makes Belty a unique tech accessory.

We are proud to partner with L'Aiglon to combine both premium quality leather with cutting edge technology in Belty.

Founded in 1889 this French house has been specializing in high-quality leather belt manufacturing for over 125 years. L'Aiglon leaves no detail left unattended from start to finish. The hand-stitched belts contain only exceptional, durable canvas thread, coated with colorless wax, which allows the threads to slide smoothly and strongly through the leather.

L'Aiglon is also well-known for their "Zero edge" cut technology that is still unsurpassed in the market today.

Assistance Medicale Toits du Monde

Who are they?

Since its inception in 1992, the association carried out a medical skill during its missions through to the availability and the dedication of many doctors, pharmacists and nurses.

AMTM has now three main targets: health, sustainable development and sponsorships for a direct and global action. With their synergy, the results were apparent in less time.

With more than 1000 sponsorships AMTM has rapidly expanded its work to the poor populations in Nepal andIndia, particularly to women and children.

Through its actions on the ground, Assistance Médicale Toit du Monde has become a global agent for development.